Ducted Vacuums for Convenience in all Brisbane Homes

The capacity to clean anywhere in the house without having to drag around a heavy vacuum cleaner makes keeping your floors and home dirt, dust and allergen-free a breeze. Simply move the nozzle around and plug in to each new room. This solution is ideal for those who are challenged in terms of mobility. It can also be great for households where family members are living with allergy or respiratory conditions. Vacuuming that would normally take hours per week can be done effectively in just a fraction of the usual time.

Choose us for your ducted vacuum installation needs

Davas Group specialise in supplying homes in Brisbane ducted vacuums, with expert installation and the highest level of workmanship. We free people from the chore of keeping the house clean with this simple and effective solution to everyone’s least favourite household activity. A ducted system adds value to your home, giving it a unique point of difference and a genuine selling point for potential buyers. Once you’ve seen and experienced the way it works, you won’t want to give it up!

Our system features minimal noise, with better cleaning power than smaller, portable units. Because it is centrally installed and is not required to be moved, the motor can be much larger, giving more suction, which means vacuuming takes less time. Tired of having to go over the same spots multiple times just to pick up a little bit of pet hair or plaster dust? This could be exactly the solution you’ve been looking for. With a much larger catchment bin, this system requires emptying far less often, as well as not requiring bags to be replaced. If you’re tired of having to buy new bags – or even worse, manually cleaning out a grotty filter – you’ll love the convenience.

The Brisbane installation experts with a commitment to quality

Davas Group are experts at installation and take the time to accurately plan out your ducted vacuums before commencing installation. We carefully consider placement of the inlets to ensure every corner of your home can be reached. If you have an unusually shaped room or a space that can be converted with a sliding door, such as an indoor-outdoor entertaining room, we’ll make sure to reduce the number of inlets wherever possible.

As an independently owned and operated provider, we’ll never push you into choosing a product that’s not right for your circumstances. We’re also more than happy to overhaul all of your home automation at the same time, meaning you get the convenience you’re looking for without an endless stream of tradespeople. We’ll even demonstrate your new system for you by cleaning up our work areas! This commitment to top-quality service and workmanship makes us the number one choice across Brisbane for ducted vacuums.

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ducted vacuum

I Central Ducted Vacuum

  • – Standard installation
  • – Vacuum anywhere in your house with convenience
  • – Minimal noise
  • – 1 year manufacturer warranty