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Technology has come a long way since the days of fuzzy-sounding inter-room devices, like those seen on ‘60s-inspired TV shows! These days, having an intercom means more than just communicating via a phone and loudspeaker. You can now see exactly who’s rung your bell, and who might be accompanying them unbeknownst to you. With today’s higher definition full-colour displays and crisp audio, you get a better sense of genuinely interacting with your visitors, which can help prevent any miscommunication. Our systems are a smart solution for a variety of different properties, including standalone homes, multi-residential premises (apartment buildings, etc.) and businesses.

Intercom systems installed to the most exacting standards of workmanship

We provide superior quality products and expert installation, ensuring the highest level of workmanship. Intercom systems are a handy feature for both home and business, enabling safe and secure communication with visitors to your door, without putting yourself at risk by opening it to any unknown people.

As part of a wider security set-up incorporating cameras and an alarm, intercom systems give Brisbane homes and businesses the ability to screen visitors. Being able to assess who has knocked on the door or rung the bell without opening it is important for safety. The video function is ideal for identifying people, ensuring only authorised personnel are granted entry. This is especially valuable for businesses without a dedicated reception area and people who are home alone.

Creative intercom solutions for homes and businesses throughout Brisbane

Thanks to internet connectivity and the uptake of smart phones, there’s a lot more that intercom systems can do. Our Smart IP Door Bell Kit allows you to answer your intercom even when you’re not at home or in the office. This can be handy if you’ve just headed downstairs for a coffee, or if you’re late to meet an important visitor at your office, or if friends and family drop by unexpectedly and you still want to be able to say hi. The simple interface makes it a fun and user-friendly option for users of all ages.

You may also integrate with other security solutions, such as CCTV. This allows you to see whether visitors are attempting to enter through other points after having rung the bell. It also allows you to keep an eye on other parts of your back yard or fenced grounds whilst also chatting through the intercom. In designing your system, we’ll answer all of those “what if?” questions with creative combination options.

Our products

Davas Group supply and install a range of devices, Brisbane-wide, including:

Comelit Intercom Kit

Features two-way video with a colour screen on the monitor station. Simple to operate and complete with a manufacturer’s warranty.

Smart IP Door Bell Kit

A two-way video system with communication via smartphone or tablet. Ideal for remotely answering the door from anywhere in the home or even another location entirely.

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