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The security of your home or business is an important matter, and one that should be treated with sensitivity and attention to detail. Each home and business premises is different; even those with the same layout or general plan have different needs depending on their location and the nature of the surrounding properties. That’s why, when it comes time to upgrade your security, it’s important to talk to a team with the capacity to custom design and install a system to suit you.

Cameras to CCTV, our home security experts do it all

Whether you require alarm systems, CCTV or security cameras, for home or business, Davas Group can help. Across Brisbane, home security alarms are our specialty and we can supply and install a wide range of top-quality systems, with the highest standards of professionalism and workmanship. All of our staff are qualified and experienced in their own individual fields, and many have specific expertise in areas such as personal protection, camera monitoring, and electrical installations.

Invest in a home security system and feel secure at all times

For those who have never experienced the peace of mind a security system can bring, getting cameras and alarms can seem a bit excessive. After all, we’re lucky in this region to enjoy relatively low personal crime rates. However, we’ve all heard the horror stories and the news of unfortunate incidents that could have been prevented with alarms, intercom locks and other simple measures. The truth is that home alarm systems have become a necessity, in Brisbane and all over Australia, enabling people to protect their families, themselves and their belongings. Davas Group understand how important a user friendly experience is when dealing with home security and our cameras and alarms are designed to be easy-to-operate and effective.

We can supply and install a complex system, with smartphone integration and remote operation, or a basic standard system. With remotely operated systems, you have the option of multiple logins. This means that, for example, both homeowners can monitor the property whilst they’re each away. For some people, allowing a chosen relative or I.C.E. contact to have their logins can give peace of mind should they choose to go off the grid temporarily.

Our services cover both residential and commercial properties. We have vast experience in jobs of all sizes, so don’t be afraid to ask for a quote for your property.

We work with only the very best equipment

If you require security or CCTV cameras, Davas Group can help. We can install an array of units, or just one, whatever you require to feel secure in your house or office. Our products provide superior clarity, enabling accurate identification of visitors or intruders, limiting cases of mistaken identity. This accuracy is important, especially in commercial settings, where an unwanted visitor can be a threat to staff and clients alike.

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Talk to one of our expert staff today and find out more regarding our range of services and products. The helpful and friendly people at Davas Group will be happy to have a discussion about your requirements and tailor a solution to match your needs. Call us today on 1300 722 474 and give your home or business an added touch of security.