What can an alarm system do for you?

  • – Bring peace of mind
  • – Be a deterant towards thieves
  • – Bring insurance premiums down
  • – Alert you or a security company in the event of an alarm

What can a CCTV system do for you?

  • – Bring peace of mind
  • – Be a deterant towards thieves
  • – Bring insurance premiums down
  • – The ability to watch your property while you’re away from it
  • – Provide a video record of your property and any incidents

Ways to prevent the possibility of a crime occurring

  • – Alarm system
  • – CCTV cameras
  • – Security stickers
  • – Outdoor sensor lights
  • – High quality security screens
  • – A dog (A barking dog can deter thieves from entering property)
  • – Keep all doors and windows locked when you’re away from the property
  • – Keep the property locked if you are busy and can’t keep an eye on the place


  • – Open and close doors remotely
  • – Switch lights on and off remotely
  • – Stream music to any room in your home
  • – Set circuits to schedules i.e: irrigation pumps, water features, lights to switch on automatically
  • – Control your entire property via your smartphone or tablet


  • – Make a habit of checking your live view & playback on your digital video recorder. This will ensure that all your cameras are still operational and that the images are being stored onto the hard disk drive.
  • – Arm your alarm system and walk through an instant zone i.e back door. This will test the most important functions of your alarm system. The sirens and strobe light should trigger and if you have the reporting function enabled it will alert your mobile or the control room. (remember to contact your control room before hand to put your system on test, to avoid any charges).
  • – Do a visual check of your electronic devices. Sometimes little creatures may make a nice home out of them, they may have a build up of dust or you may see some damage. If you notice anything, contact Davas Group for assistance. Be sure to never work with any electronic devices as this may cause harm to yourself or others.
  • – Has there been noises or warnings coming from your system that are out of the ordinary? If so, contact us and we will let you know if there is an issue.
  • – Are you using a surge protector? This little device may be enough to save your whole system from an electrical surge. They are quite inexpensive to purchase and can be easily installed by a licenced security provider.
  • – A UPS (uninterruptible power supply) is a very useful piece of equipment. If you were to lose power, the UPS would keep all your electronic devices that are plugged into it up and running. UPS prices range depending on battery life and quality. Alarm systems have their own battery, so this product is recommended for CCTV systems and any other electronics you want to keep running in the event of a power outage.